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If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed by the number of things to do and beating yourself up for having said “yes” to too many things, applying these five simple steps will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Saying “no” to things you don’t want is, in fact, saying “yes” to yourself and the life you want to live. It means setting healthy boundaries based on clear communication that will allow you to focus on what really matters and to increase your productivity and satisfaction. …

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Standing tall, relaxed, ready to playfully receive any comment, to calmly face any circumstance, to boldly create anything you desire — is this an appealing image of you? I bet the answer is yes! And if the thought that comes immediately after that is that you would love to be this person but… it is impossible because you have no self-confidence, let me tell you something: it is not a problem.

It is not a problem because self-confidence is something you can learn. And here it is - I have just told you the truth about self-confidence, straight at the beginning of the second paragraph: it is a skill and anyone can acquire it. …

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“Procrastination” may win you some nice points at Scrabble but in your everyday life it will cause you to waste a lot of precious time, to miss a great professional opportunity or to sit as a guest at the wedding of this brilliant person whose messages you thought you would answer “tomorrow”… and never did because you were afraid.

But what is procrastination exactly, what does fear have to do with it, and, most of all, why does all this matter when it comes to being efficient?

Procrastination is the art of postponing the completion of a task until the next hour, tomorrow, next month, next year, next time. It is you constantly thinking that you should do it and immediately feeling this physical aversion towards the said task and finding a very good, logical and legitimate reason for keeping it for “a better moment” when you will have “more time” or the “right tool” or any other pretext your brain can come up with. And then it is you blaming yourself for being late, stressed, and not even being able to complete your to-do list. …


Noemi Poget

Personal Coach. Enjoys coffee, dark chocolate and whisky. Loves meeting people, exploring life, sharing. Needs mountains, friends and travels.

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