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Whether online or in-person, family gatherings can be quite challenging, full of intrusive questions and misleading assumptions. Here are four tips to help you feel at ease and playful at the Christmas table. Yes, it can be fun!

Since Christmas celebrations usually follow the same pattern within a family — even on a special year as 2020 —, it is easy to anticipate and get ready. If you are aware of what might happen, you can choose how to respond to it rather than being the victim of the situation.

The initial question: Why do I do it? When it…

Samriddhi (Simi) Singh, co-founder of GirlsCanCode (picture: courtesy of S. Singh)

I have already written about some of the wonderful people I have met on LinkedIn and here is yet another example: I am absolutely delighted to share with you the inspiring chat I have had with Samriddhi — aka Simi — Singh, the young co-founder of GirlsCanCode.

Simi’s list of achievements is impressive in itself but even more when you know that she has already completed all this by the age of 13! Not only is she the co-founder of GirlsCanCode, but she is also a teacher at go tec!, …

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You have read it over and over again, heard it over and over again: the key to your success is your mindset. And… yes, I am going to tell you the same, mindset is everything. How do I know? Not so because I have read it and heard it over and over again but much more because I have tried and seen for myself. Conclusion: a positive attitude towards life enables you to find something beautiful and enjoyable to appreciate every single day and that is how you craft the life you want to live.

But before we dive into…

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I once came across this wise piece of advice (I would love to give credit to the author if only I could remember her/his name):

Stop trying to make others happy:

1. It is impossible.

2. It is not your job.

3. It is getting in the way.

This is 100% true but there is a fourth element that is fundamental. When you fully understand it, you will immediately stop trying to make others happy. Here is the truth:

4. It is doing them wrong.

When you charge yourself with the responsibility for someone else’s happiness, you give yourself a…

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If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed by the number of things to do and beating yourself up for having said “yes” to too many things, applying these five simple steps will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Saying “no” to things you don’t want is, in fact, saying “yes” to yourself and the life you want to live. It means setting healthy boundaries based on clear communication that will allow you to focus on what really matters and to increase your productivity and satisfaction. This article approaches the topic from a work-related perspective but you can use those tips in…

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Standing tall, relaxed, ready to playfully receive any comment, to calmly face any circumstance, to boldly create anything you desire — is this an appealing image of you? I bet the answer is yes! And if the thought that comes immediately after that is that you would love to be this person but… it is impossible because you have no self-confidence, let me tell you something: it is not a problem.

It is not a problem because self-confidence is something you can learn. And here it is - I have just told you the truth about self-confidence, straight at the…

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“Procrastination” may win you some nice points at Scrabble but in your everyday life it will cause you to waste a lot of precious time, to miss a great professional opportunity or to sit as a guest at the wedding of this brilliant person whose messages you thought you would answer “tomorrow”… and never did because you were afraid.

But what is procrastination exactly, what does fear have to do with it, and, most of all, why does all this matter when it comes to being efficient?

Procrastination is the art of postponing the completion of a task until the…

Jukka Peltola, Co-Founder and COO at Taimi

When this post appeared in my LinkedIn feed, I instantly decided that I had to meet Jukka Peltola and interview him! A couple of weeks later, I am absolutely delighted to share with you Jukka’s brilliant conversation. Enjoy it — it is as intense as a piece of true dark chocolate.

Goodio, the vegan craft chocolate company you founded in 2015, started with the question “What if there was a food brand you could trust?”. Why do we, as consumers, so often have the feeling that business and trust exclude each other by definition? …

Susanne Duijvestein by Elisabeth Lanz

Easter is the celebration of the endless cycle of Life-Death-Life and finally the time has come to bring to light this inspiring talk I have been honoured to have with Dutch undertaker Susanne Duijvestein at the beginning of November 2019. All bright and fine energy, Susanne is the founder of susanne bij afscheid where she guides families into crafting beautiful funerals that celebrate the life of the departed one. In this meaningful conversation, Susanne brings us back to our finitude and invites us to learn about the nature of death instead of fighting it.

Does All Saints’ Day mean anything…

Johannes Romppanen by Elif Eren

As the end of the year gathers together families and friends to celebrate and share, Johannes Romppanen, founder of CreativeMornings/Helsinki, offers us an agreeable winter walk through his thoughts around the idea and experience of “community”. Enjoy and keep nourishing the bonds that bring light to your life!

So, what do you do?

I meet people. That is what I do. This can take various forms and one of them is CreativeMornings: facilitating a space for people to meet. Then taking photographs is often about interaction with people. And I have been working on podcasts too and that is also…

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